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My love of apps really began with a love of Apple products back in the early 1990’s. My husband and I were newly married and not a lot of money was floating around. He was a new graduate of Syracuse University and insisted he “needed” a new Apple computer. I fought it as much as humanly possible and I lost (the one and only time I lost in 19 years of marriage). The next thing I knew, that shiny new computer was staring me in the face everyday. As soon as my husband would leave for work, I would jump on and “play”. At first, I would never use it in front of him because that would be admitting defeat. But eventually, I could no longer fight the urge and I was an Apple addict admittedly and openly.

Through the years, we have had several computers, too many iPods to count, and almost every iPhone. I haven’t gotten the iPhone5 due to contract issues with my carrier. But that’s a whole other story.

My app obsession began with the first iPhone and it only has bloomed from there.

I live by the mantra, “There must be an app for that and if there is, I will find it!”


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